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Get the Sleep you Need this Winter

We can help make the world a better place one night at a time by getting enough sleep.  When we get the rest we need we are happier and healthier; we are able to share our talents with others so they too can be happy and healthy.  Also, sleeping allows us to experience more meaning in our lives because we actually feel awake and alive during the day.  It is a relaxed alertness we experience that helps us notice and appreciate details we would otherwise miss. Just as we fill our being with intentions like aligning or expanding when we...
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When yogis get on their mat, they often begin by offering a dedication for their practice.  This is one way in which your yoga practice can be a force for good.  To start, take a few slow deep breaths and gently stretch out your neck and shoulders to release tension and open your heart space.   This slows down and quiets your mind, allowing you to tune inward and listen.  Ask yourself who or what is important to you.  In this space offer a dedication for your practice.  You can set an intention to develop a quality in yourself or you can dedicate your practice to someone or something you care about.  This is very profound because as...
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