Mondays, 9 am to 10:15 am
$90/ 8 sessions or $15 drop in
There is no class on November 12
Last class is November 19. 
November classes will be held in the newly renovated space above the clay studio.  Yes, check out the HUB, lots of stuff going on:
Paulina teaches group lunch hour and after work yoga classes throughout Duncan.  $65 to $75/ class depending on location.  Please contact me at to book sessions.  
Please contact to inquire about private sessions.  These sessions are designed for busy individuals who are seeking to relax and energize with a practice that suits their physical abilities while working towards strengthening and centering.




Many of us carry the weight of physical, emotional, and mental tension.  My class attends to this.  It begins with slow movement and deep breathing to spread awareness from the mind to the entire body.  As the movement builds any vulnerability encountered is greeted with kindness and patience.  We move and breathe to quiet our minds and promote ease in our muscles and joints.  It is in this space that we cultivate our physical strength and vitality