Get the Sleep you Need this Winter

We can help make the world a better place one night at a time by getting enough sleep.  When we get the rest we need we are happier and healthier; we are able to share our talents with others so they too can be happy and healthy.  Also, sleeping allows us to experience more meaning in our lives because we actually feel awake and alive during the day.  It is a relaxed alertness we experience that helps us notice and appreciate details we would otherwise miss.

Just as we fill our being with intentions like aligning or expanding when we practice yoga poses, we can fill our being with the intention to rest and nourish ourselves through sleep.

Falling asleep takes skill; when you prepare to sleep, position yourself for maximum relaxation.  Close your eyes.  Take a deep breath into the collar bone and back of the neck.  Exhale to release tension in the neck and shoulders.  Soften your face, jaw, eyes, and throat.  Soften your shoulders, chest, back, hips and hands.  And then take slow deep breaths into the belly.  Make sure your exhale is longer than your inhale.  The other way revs you up.  During deep belly breathing, the diaphragm massages the digestive organs which sends a message to the brain to relax.  The longer you do it, the deeper the relaxation reaches into the nervous system.  This is key because it is the nervous system that allows us to genuinely experience relaxation.  Take as many breaths as you like and then let go of your breath control but continue to relax and keep your belly soft.  The soft belly allows your emotions to rest.  Bring your focus to the dark space you see under your eyelids.  This allows your thoughts to rest.  Explore this state until you eventually fall asleep.  Your deep sleep will help you return to your life with more energy and creativity.

As you practice this technique for falling asleep, you’ll be able to use it in different situations to get the rest you need.  For example, fitting in a nap or getting the sleep you need when you’re traveling.  Any amount of rest is effective.
I wish for you that you get the rest you need to live your great and purposeful life.

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