When yogis get on their mat, they often begin by offering a dedication for their practice.  This is one way in which your yoga practice can be a force for good.  To start, take a few slow deep breaths and gently stretch out your neck and shoulders to release tension and open your heart space.   This slows down and quiets your mind, allowing you to tune inward and listen.  Ask yourself who or what is important to you.  In this space offer a dedication for your practice.  You can set an intention to develop a quality in yourself or you can dedicate your practice to someone or something you care about.  This is very profound because as you practice, each breath and each movement is in reverence to your dedication.  Practicing this way helps each of us explore our potential for transformation and extends our practice outward–where it becomes bigger than who we are.  That is yoga- knowing that we are all connected.
Making a dedication also brings focus and depth to your practice.  It sheds light on thoughts or habits that distract or do harm.  By focusing on your dedication you can clear out limiting thoughts or beliefs; and you can reinforce your positive thinking, which cultivates strength, vitality, and freedom.
When we move and breathe while focusing on our offering, we strengthen the connection between body, mind, and heart.  We start to take notice of what supports our intention and what doesn’t.  This is where we can really affect change off our mat and in the world.  We can align our thoughts, words, and actions with the intentions we set in our practice.  We can become the change we want to see and let our inner space affect our outer space.

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